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House and Senate Hearings Detail Challenges with Implementation of the ACA

Thursday, September 13, 2012  
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Hearings in the U.S. House and Senate this week displayed bipartisan frustration with the IRS, CMS and other agencies that are responsible for issuing rules and regulations on implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The Senate Aging Committee held a hearing entitled "Parting the Clouds: Implementing the Physician Payments Sunshine Act," and Senators expressed frustration that CMS had yet to issue final rules regarding the legislation.

"Many companies have already begun piloting these systems to ensure they are capturing all the relevant information," said Senator Chuck Grassley (IA), Ranking Member of the committee. "However, with a lack of recognized practices from CMS on how to move forward, companies cannot prepare to meet the letter of the law."

In addition, the House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing to examine how the IRS is planning to implement the myriad of tax provisions and penalties that are contained in the ACA.

Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN), sponsor of legislation to repeal the medical device tax, pressed the IRS deputy commissioner on its inability to provide a final rule for implementation of the tax, and how complicated it would be for companies to track.

Speaking about the importance of repealing the tax before it is implemented, Congress Paulsen noted ""We continue to hear of American companies already beginning to lay-off employees in anticipation of this dangerous new tax. We need to be doing everything we can to repeal this tax not only because the administration seems to be ill prepared for its implementation, but more importantly, because it will cost this nation valuable jobs in a valuable industry."

To watch Congressman Paulsen's questioning about the device tax, click here.